I really didn’t want to get up this morning for my pre-breakfast session but, there’s quite a few people really taking this seriously, especially at the top of the leaderboard and, if you’re going to do something, you might as well make a reasonable effort to do the best you can.

My rest day wasn’t particularly restful with call-outs both last  night and the night before (a fire alarm and problems with the moorings) so sleep hasn’t been easy to get.

Nonetheless, I had some kilometres to pedal out and they won’t do that by themselves! So, a further three hours and another 100k (and a bit) added to the total. Tomorrow, I’ll only manage one early morning session and then on Saturday, it’s out on an actual real life bicycle.

The photographs are, as is now usual, up on Flickr.

I do seem to have sparked a little bit of interest in going to the gym, both the Captain and the First Mate have now been spotted sneaking in there and I’ve definitely heard the whirr/clunk of the bike when the door has been closed so maybe there’s a secret Festive 500-er on board and I don’t even know about it. (Unlikely!)

My cumulative total is now 626.4 so with tomorrow morning and hopefully another hundred (real) kilometres on Saturday I’m hopeful of a 750 total which I’ll be happy with.

There’s a few more finishers today too so people are really putting in the effort. I spent some of my free time checking the Fb page and reading the blogs and stories and there’s some great ones.

If you’re nearly there, don’t stop now!