I decided that it’d be better to push through today and complete the remaining distance (my total is now 522km) instead of having a rest day.

I’ll have a full rest day tomorrow before doing some more on Thursday, perhaps a little on Friday and then, hopefully, I’ll be ready for a real ride on Saturday. I’ve chosen a very hilly 100km route around Yorkshire so I want to be able to do it without too much trouble. I also want to spend the day doing wheelies and skids – it’ll be like my first time on a bike all over again -I’ll do one for Dancing James at the very least. His blog of the Festive 500 is well worth reading too.

I have the most amazing and understanding girlfriend ever who, when I told her I was riding on Saturday, my first day off, didn’t even bat an eyeld despite not seeing me for weeks/months. I shall have to make that day up to her.

So, the first 34.8km today went without a problem although, despite not feeling any stiffness, my legs simply felt weak. Perhaps today would have been slightly better for a rest day but with being so close to the target it’s too tempting so I pushed on.

My entertainment system came through once again and made the boredom a little easier to take but the time still drags. There really is nothing like the scenery and terrain of the roads to make hours disappear and feel effortless though. (Until the bonk.)

So, the pictures are up and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done so far – three hours per day for five days is more than enough for now so I’ll enjoy my rest day tomorrow.

That’s 522km in total and from the leaderboard I’m the 15th person to complete the distance so I’m pretty happy with that. I don’t know what my total will be yet but hopefully I can add another few km onto that by the end of the 31st.

I’m going to spend tomorrow reading more about how other people have been getting on so I’m looking forward to that. There’s some impressive distances being logged!