Today, again I go off to a good start and straight into 34.8 km just after six am as usual. It went well and I think my legs (and the rest of me are getting used to the machine now as there wasn’t as much stiffness as I experienced yesterday… Unless it’s in the post for later?

I completed my first ride and then uploaded it to Strava which, for some reason unknown to me, decided to count it twice so I was left with an extra 34.8 km on my total. Now, this isn’t right but there doesn’t seem to be a delete function (unless it’s just me that can’t find it – I’m not finding Strava particularly user-friendly compared to runkeeper which I normally use.) Strava also won’t let me comment on the ‘bonus’ ride either to explain…

So, although I wasn’t planning on doing any more today – I have some work to do and then we’re having Christmas dinner at 1400 (and I won’t want to do anything after that, I couldn’t leave my total as being inaccurate so I pushed myself back into the gym and talked myself into pedalling out the claimed 34.8 km just to keep things right. That, happily, put me just over halfway to the target of 500km.

Except, once I was in there, and knowing I had an extra hour spare, I figured I might a well just carry on and do the third hour to complete the day. I’d much rather be riding my bike and, it had been suggested that I take the Lifecyle outside for a more realistic experience but if I do that there’s a very real danger I might throw it in the dock. A fine for pollution would be a little more than my pocket could handle at the moment, despite the temptation.

As you can see, I’m persevering with the post it notes until I get confirmation that the time/date stamp is visible on the photographs uploaded to Flickr which incidentally is here:

Now, earlier talk of watching movies for inspiration has led me to devise a cunning which is something I have spent a little time thinking about…. More later as I expect I’ll have some time this evening to fabricate a special boredom relieving device.

So far, everyone has been positive and encouraging despite my slightly avant garde interpretation of the rules so I’d like to say thanks as that’s really helped – it really is as joyless as it looks and I can’t wait until Saturday when I can get out and actually ride.

Anyway, to cut to the chase as it were, here are todays glorious snapshots. I feel they really capture the mood of my Festive 500 so far and I’ve managed to include a little bit of scenery into the first one. Enjoy:

I’m now going to go and eat more than I can eat. I hope everyone’s having a great day!