When my alarm went off this morning I really didn’t want to get up. I have to admit, well I don’t but I will anyway, that I definitely felt yesterdays effort in my legs – there was a certain amount of stiffness there, certainly a little more than I was expecting. (I wasn’t expecting any!)

So, I dragged myself off to the gym and spun out the first of three hours today starting, as yesterday at just after six am. The view, as always was of this:

The workout was of the same one as mentioined earlier but after yesterdays over exertion with the back to back efforts in the evening, I decided to split today into three with one in the afternoon and then one in the evening if my boredom threshold can cope. I thought I had a good selection of music on my phone well, of course I do, my taste in music is phenomenal* but I don’t seem to have anything I actually want to listen to whilst doing this that I haven’t already done so. I’m going to try and make some motivational playlists when I get the time or perhaps I should just watch Rocky III and take some inspiration from there? I’d watch A Sunday In Hell but people getting to actually ride there bikes is making me quite envious. And angry.

*Unless you ask my friends. Or anyone that has met me.

Now, despite deciding to do three seperate sessions, unfortunately work got in the way this afternoon so I was back to doing two hours back to back. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought  and I remembered to have a break between the hours (and a pear.) So, here’s the happy endings:

This seems to also be turning into an exercise in the Internet as I now have a Strava, WordPress and Flickr account. I still can’t seem to find a way to show the time/date stamp on my photographs as you can see. I can view them on my phone/camera and on the Flickr App but they don’t appear on the website. Which is annoying.

Other than the small techinical details, that was as good a second day as I could have hoped for and I think the numb/bum and sore back will remain as slight discomforts rather than cause any problems which is good although I can certainly appreciate that an a hour a day on there is enough both for mind and bum.